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Craftsman 4: The Best Simulation Game for Craft Lovers

We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of the doors we sell. Attention to detail in design, materials and construction is always at the forefront.We encourage you to inspect the item upon receipt. If you have a concern or believe there is a quality issue, we will work with you to correct it, in accordance with our store policies.

craftsman 4

The Carmel chandelier brightens any room in your home with craftsman style lanterns in various metal finish options. Choose the glass shade and overlay pattern that suit your decor. More light fixtures available from the same family.

Vermont Furniture Designs is a well-known handcrafted heirloom furniture company based in Winooski, VT. By combining modern technology with traditional elements, Vermont Furniture strives to produce custom-quality pieces at a reasonable price. All furniture is crafted with professional craftsmanship, enhanced by unbroken lines of solid wood construction with a minimum of laminated or glued-together parts. Vermont Furniture believes that quality furniture should not be mass-produced. The production of quality furniture is an art form that requires adequate time, effort, and skill in traditional bench-craft fashion.

First, getting rid of the overgrown bushes in front of the house was a no-brainer. Once we started getting those out of the way, we could see that the house had great potential for a nice front porch entrance. All we had to do was widen the front steps to extend them all the way between the two columns at the center of the house. We also wrapped the existing columns, which were faded and narrow, to make them more substantial and brighter. The original siding was falling in some areas, so we replaced it with new siding and painted it a green-gray I found in a craftsman historical color book.

Then, we added a classic craftsman arbor that Dave and his brother made in the barn. The arbor and the updated dormer above the garage add so much beautiful detail and curb appeal to the house. To tie it all together, we also added decorative trim and new posts, painted the brick, and added new landscaping and new lighting to the front of the house.


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