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4 Play Video - More Dirty Debutantes 3 ((TOP))

These are the private home videos from the Nasty Bros. This tape features men and women breaking their video virginity! In this two hour extravaganza you'll witness the likes of sexy Vanessa as she sucks on the huge Dark Dick, as she gets covered with his oozing cream. Jamie and Ed get behind Traci in a Nasty Butt Pounding, mouth watering, drooling action packed scene. The lovely and extremely sexy Porn Legend returns, Raven, after a 6 year vacation from the adult industry to get down and Nasty with Ed and Jamie. She leads you into scenes and tops off the volume with her own sizzling heat! Lance Heywood has his way with two of the cuties chicks ever appearing in this series, this guy has the knack of picking up gorgeous sun tanned beauties from all over the country! He brings them over to Ed and Jamie house for some overheated fun!There's so much more! In a Nasty Bros Video you never know what you may find! Lots more than any tape on the market today! The most talked about series continues! More Dirty Debutantes 4 takes you on a journey where no other amateur or private video has gone before! Tall, small, tight, erotic, blonde and beautiful and nasty, this video has got it all! Hot Latin fire, Big Black Cock, wet dripping pussies and gooey dripping cum, this video got it all!

4 Play Video - More Dirty Debutantes 3

We're back! To give you more variety and loads of adult entertainment, so for two hours and twenty minutes, get ready and let the Nasty Bros. Introduce you to the sex, steamy talents of those daring to share themselves in front of the video camera for the first time. You'll see that Hot playmate at home with her husband, all ablaze with love and lust! You'll see lovely boxcover girl Nicole Sweet for the first time anywhere as Nasty Ed Powers makes her feel at home on camera. Randy and Ed are styling with the adorable Diana Deville and you'll witness Dianna's first anal experience. A lovely couple, John and Tina pump it hard as his member drives deep into her rear orifice? More Dirty Debutantes 9 is all Real, all Outrageous and all Fun! So join Ed, Randy, Playmate Teri Weigel and the others in an ultimate Adult Journey through fantasy's door and into the reality zone!

More Dirty Debutantes 19 is more like 'Ed in Wonderland'. Ladies from India, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and exotic girls from the United States put a big smile on old Ed's face. These beauties are perfect, first time ever on camera bonified Debutantes. No pros here, just willing participants in the most explosive sexual social human behavioral study in a video series of our time. You know they expect realism, personality, and sexual awakenings as the sexiest women expose themselves from deep within for all the world to see. It's always amazing to see an average guy like Ed proves that a man's looks are only a part of it and that charm, humor and wit can be the keep to a woman's heart or libido! No script just pure unchained fun! Join Zuki Rena Shana and Lisa new faces exclusive to this series, in a hardcore feast for the eyes. Join Cheyenne and Chelsea Lynx who are soon to explode into stardom in the adult biz, see them before they pick up that script and start acting. Join Ed Powers the most active of the Nasty Bros as he shares with you all the realism and excitement in this all new adventure with a bevy of the finest and cutest ladies from all over the globe. It's a real global warming!

A blend of a couple of lost episodes featuring first-timers with a new batch of lovely debutantes shapes up More Dirty Debutantes 3 into a powerful program. A luck fan, Dan, finds himself with an Ed Powers find, lovely Mia Serene. Mia is bound for more exposure in Ed's productions. We will all explore her sexuality with her as time goes by. The Canadian dancer, Carmen Sands, makes her first DVD. Her writhing body in orgasmic heights is a special sight for all you Deb lovers. Lost episodes featuring Bobbie West and Dream were found and now may treat your eyes and senses. Amber Smith from Black Dirty Debs returns for her oral Debut. Ed finds out why the red sun rises in Japan when Yoshiko bows her head in the doggie-style position. To some this series has become an integral sexual study. For others it has become a source of great adult entertainment and we are proud to provide it for you. After all, without you we would be a dusty DVD left on a shelf. So, get ready for pumping, probing, sucking, and licking with honest and real people, the fabulous Debutantes. Enjoy!

Another lost episode has been found! The lovely Mia Sonata returns to give head to a friend of Ed's who happens to be a well known rock-star (but chooses to remain anonymous). After taking a facial from the rocker, Ed takes her into the bedroom to finish what she started. Before that we open with Chanelle, a raven-haired doll who likes to lick her own toes during sex and the playful Italian temptress Isabella Perini with what turns out to be her one and only appearance. Ed had to include a fast quickie between himself and lovely Fusako from Japan. More of Fusako will be seen in future episodes. You'll meet Isabella and Rachel White, two lovely ladies keeping the tradition of the Debutantes, their first time with someone like Ed. Stevie Starr struts her big breasts as Ed favors the doggie position. The lovely Brazilian dancer and model, Carie Vasalle, returns to do just a little bit more and masturbates for all of us to enjoy. Many letters have come in describing great joy about Carie's last appearance. All in all, MDD 33 means variety. Enjoy! (Love, Ed)

Meet lovely Shandra from Kenya -she only goes so far with good old Ed but Ed's happy. Together they rub and suck each other into trembling orgasms. In the next More Dirty Debutantes 46 she returns hotter than ever! Meet lovely Chastity, easily the cutest Black dirty deb since #05 of the same name series. She's 18 and curious. Ed shows his backdoor delivery technique and Chastity agrees it's quite an eye opening experience. Meet Morgan Navarro, the funny and yet intense girl who demands that Ed do it harder and faster. Mina returns to introduce Christy, but Christy wants to watch first and check out Ed's style. What's next for Christy? Well part 2 will answer will answer all questions in MDD 46. The return of Raina and Lisia in quick but hot strap on girl - girl tops off this action packed slice of reality no scripts, no bad acting just real personal experience you know what you'll get from Ed Powers. Welcome to More Dirty Debutantes 45 and Enjoy! Don't miss MDD 46, cumming soon to your favorite video store.

Back in 1990, an innocent young girl posed nude for me. She was so shy and adorable! After warming up a bit, she agreed to let Jamie and me masturbate (gasp!) next to her. She had never seen that before! That sweet virginal debutante turned out to be . . . you guessed it boys, Shane! After watching the video, Shane strips and plays with a dildo to show us how far she's come. Then she cuddles up with me, and while she couldn't go all the way due to contractual agreements, she lets me give her a facial spray I've always dreamed of giving her. The lost episodes keep cumming with the hot and spicy Latina lover named Sandy Lorenzo. Sweet Nikki Brantz is overwhelmed with passion during her first time and has soaring orgasms! Sultry Veronica Lake is a classic beauty - she looks like a 1930's movie star. Interested in something new she gets a pounding in the rear and loves it!

Welcome to an all new fresh volume of Dirty Debutantes ... I like the word fresh, it applies so well here. After you enjoy the pleasures of Holli Woods and Alyssa Love you'll have no doubt why this is. Holli and Alyssa poured froth so much eagerness it makes me realize that this is more than a business. My reality has become many folks' fantasy. I love the sharing! Lovely Katie Gold takes the freshness to another incredible level with enthusiasm and orgasm! Traditions continue when lovely Genee comes to dance and decides her video fate ... Her sexy lips and dark, flowing hair attracted me right away. O.K. so I didn't get lucky but someone might! Oh, I can't hold back! Someone does get lucky, or should I say gets Genee, and he is the right man for her all right. More Dirty Debutantes #64 is fresh and ripe for you to enjoy with all its sweetness--Quality triumphs over quantity here! Enjoy! Love, Ed Powers

More Dirty Debutantes Volume 90 is here with more new faces and more action! I never denied how lucky I am- especially being so ordinary and average looking. I think I add to the saying- "Looks aren't everything!" In this volume- we get to see Blake Powers again. Hooray! She joins us in the meeting of Maryanne. Maryanne is sultry and full of energy! Lovely Lidia enjoys her first time with another man other than her old man. Lucky me again! I am honored to share this moment. Deja Blew tops off the video with an explosive orgasmic finish. MDD 90 is here- please enjoy. . . Love- Ed

Blake powers is back! Felony and Mesha return by popular demand: all new footage! You'll meet lovely Mel and T. Robbins in their very first adult video. MDD 126 is here, and it aims to please, with its raw uncut, unedited footage once more! There's nothing better than catching real life sex on camera! Please enjoy! It's enthusiasm at its best! Love, Your Nasty Bro. Powers

Lovely Nature Blossom experiences her first time anal. Patricia McNeil debuts in her first video experience as well. Rachel Moore returns with all new footage from the Ed Files. Chantel (Bolivia) makes her U.S. Debut! All lovely, all hot, and they're all here for a serious pounding followed up with a warm facial that will have you begging for more! Please enjoy! Love, Ed Powers, Your Nasty Bro.

Tyler's first video starts off like a photo shoot. She had made a few magazine layouts but never a video. She was very nervous about the video thing but you'll see her gradually relax and get into the sex more and more. I brought in my good friend and original "Dude-atante" from MDD 24, Jay Ashley. Tyler and Jay are great together. We had great sex and a lot of fun. The sexy and talented Shaena comes over for a quick licking and brings a Dirty Debutante over to my place for her first video, the lovely Venisa. Venisa and I hit it off. Jay jumps in for a fine finish. Please enjoy MDD 173, there's more her then meets the eye." 041b061a72


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