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Your Honor Season 2 - Episode 2 UPDATED

Michael is out of jail and wanders the streets of the city at the start of episode 2 for Your Honor season 2. He happens to pass by a family working together to get stuff from a car. His destination is the house of his mother-in-law, Elizabeth.

Your Honor Season 2 - Episode 2


Like the first season, Your Honor season 2 will consist of 10 episodes. The first episode aired on Showtime on January 15, with new instalments following every week since. Viewers in the UK can currently stream the show on Paramount+.

The final episode of Your Honor season 2 (which is also expected to be the final one of the series) releases the weekend of March 17. For Showtime app subscribers, they can stream the episode as early as March 17, but if you want to watch it on good old-fashioned TV, the series finale airs on Showtime at 9 pm ET/PT on Sunday, March 19.

Your Honor season 2 episode 3, "Part Thirteen""Michael Desiato resists a request from Fia, but Olivia Delmont pushes him to exploit a newfound connection. Little Mo's deal goes sour, leaving Eugene to pick up the pieces. A face-off between Michael and Jimmy results in a startling confession."

Your Honor season 2 episode 7, "Part Seventeen""Michael's pursuit of the truth creates life-threatening consequences for him and for Nancy Costello, who has joined him in the hunt for his wife Robin's murderer. Fia faces the hard reality about her family."

Your Honor season 2 episode 8, "Part Eighteen""Eugene escapes danger only to run headfirst into new jeopardy. Frustrated with Michael, Olivia sets her sights on an unlikely new mark. Big Mo's triumphant opening night takes an unexpected dark turn."

The 10-episode season will debut on demand and on streaming Friday, January 13, 2023 and on-air on Sunday, January 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The first season of YOUR HONOR ranks as the top debut season ever on SHOWTIME. In season two, some will seek salvation in response to the tremendous loss they suffered, while others will seek revenge and they will all be pursued by their enemies at every turn. Ultimately, the question remains: How far are you willing to go to protect what matters most to you? 041b061a72


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