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Eric Singer Project Esp 1999 Rar

Hi,my list:ANDY GOLDMARK:Demonstrations.(2011)(Cool Sound Japan)BEG BORROW & STEAL:Push And Shove.(1993)(RCA)Produced by Sir Arthur Payson(Desmond Child)Aor.BILLY NEWTON DAVIS:Love Is A Contact Sport.(1986)(Columbia Records)BILLY WARD:Two Hands Clapping.(1998)(Seerious Music Word)DAVID LASLEY:Back To Blue-Eyed Soul.(2000)DAVID LASLEY:Expectations Of Love.(2001)DAVID LASLEY:Demos Volume 2-Take A Look.(2005)FS ORLONN:Ever Since Eve.(2013)(Self Produced)JEROME MAZZA:Same.(2015)(Self Produced)(Ex Singer Angelica-Pinnacle Point And Last Album Of Steve Walsh)KENNY MILES:Sometimes It Pays To Lies.(1986)(Self Produced Excellent)Feat. Rick Bozzo,bassist/guitarist with Paul Sabu,Meat Loaf,Giuffria,ecc...LAGOON COWBOYS:Miracles.(1991)(Elektra Records)(1992 CNR Records)OFF THE EDGE:On The Run.(1999)OFF THE EDGE:Site Under Construction. (2004)(Foxglove Studios)PETER STRYKES:Sings Robby Valentine.(2009)Ex Singer Group Pomp Aor Netherland 1St Avenue.(Self Produced)ROD KINNY:Seven Dials.(2002)RUSS BALLARD:It's Good To Be Here.(2015)(UMU Music)RUST:Same.(1983)(EMI)(Aor Norway)Produced Svein Dag Hauge.Vocals Egil Eldoen(Members Lava)RUSTED MAN:Living Thing.(2014).Like Steely Dan.SOUL COWBOYS:American Style.(2010)With Ole Boskov.THE JAMES WALSH BAND:Muscle Shoals'79.(Reissue 2007)TOM HANSEN:Brazilian Night.(2010)Various Artists (West Coast Norwegian)TOM HANSEN:Standing Tall.(2014)(WestCoast Norwegian with Top player,David Foster ecc...)Thank you in advance.Bye.

Eric Singer Project Esp 1999 Rar

Styroform Winos: Styrofoam Winos Play Their Favorite M.Hurley Songs (2022, Sophomore Lounge): Nashville group --Lou Turner, Trevor Nikgrant, Joe Kenkel, each with a solo albumor more -- with a self-titled debut and a second At Homealbum. Pandemic project, as they picked favorite songs from thewhimsical folksinger, and passed them around. I've heard, andenjoyed, almost all of Hurley's albums. Still, the only songsI recognize are from Have Moicy!B+(*)They Hate Change: Finally, New (2022, Jagjaguwar):Hip-hop duo from Tampa, Vonne Parks and Andre Gainey, who countthemselves as anglophiles, so are more into Goldie and DizzeeRascal than most American rappers.B+(*) [sp]

PinkPantheress: To Hell With It (2021, Parlophone,EP): British pop singer, barely 20, first short mixtape (10 songs,18:36), vocals feathery light, enough so that this got tagged as"atmospheric drum & bass," but pay close attention and get tothe point. Hint for me was a turn of phrase I hadn't heard sinceLily Allen.[was: B+(**)]A- [sp]

Zach Bryan: American Heartbreak (2022, Warner, 2CD):Country singer-songwriter, born in Okinawa to a Navy family, did eightyears in the Navy himself, but was still just 26 when this third albumwas released, and it's a whopper, with 34 songs running 121:00.B+(**) [sp]

Paal Nilssen-Love Circus: Pairs of Three (2021[2022], PNL): Norwegian drummer, many projects including The Thing.New group here: a sextet with trumpet (Thomas Johansson), alto sax(Signe Emmelulth), accordion, guitar, and bass, plus South Africansinger Juliana Venter -- who may color background, or free associate(at one point sampling "Strawberry Fields Forever" then sliding into"we are the victims of the Deep State"), or just lay out. Much goingon here.B+(***) [bc]

Joe Fahey: Baker's Cousin (2022, Rough Fish): Minnesotasinger-songwriter, fifth album since 2006, too much rock reverb forcountry, but I suppose Americana might claim him.B+(**) [sp]


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